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New residential lettings are managed by
Kent Residential Lettings Ltd.

Ongoing maintenance and relationships with tenants are directly managed by the Charities’ staff.

"Richard Watts exemplifies what all landlords should be; caring, considerate and unobtrusive. You are treated as more than just an ‘income generator’ and know that help, should you need it, is only a phone call away or an email away. Richard Watts take houses, and provide you with an affordable place to call home, for however long that may be. Thank you for setting the standard of what good landlords should be."


"When you think of good customer service, great advice, prompt site attendance and a listening ear, you don’t always think of a landlord. But in the case of Richard Watts Charities, this is all true. They are the kind of landlord that once you find you don’t want to leave. To sum them up; excellence in action."


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For further enquiries on our residential rental properties, please contact:


Kent Residential Lettings

151 New Road, Chatham. ME4 4PT

01634 817881

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