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Almshouses Properties

Watch film for an aerial view of the almshouses

Richard Watts Charities have a total of 67 self-contained flats in 4 locations in Rochester.

The main almshouses are in Maidstone Road, Rochester with other accommodation at nearby Reeves House in Watts Avenue, St Catherine’s at the top of Star Hill, and at Haywards House in Corporation Street. In total we have 67 well-appointed, self-contained flats.

A) Watts Almshouses, Maidstone Road, Rochester, ME1 1SE

Situated in a conservation area the Maidstone Road site comprises the original almshouses plus two more recent additional almshouses; Donald Troup House (1994) and The Bungalows (1977). The administration office is also located here. Watts Almshouses is a Grade Two listed building with 18 flats.

Donald Troup House has 15 modern flats. Donald Troup House is on five floors with a lift to the fourth floor.

The Bungalows are 10 purpose built properties providing quality accommodation at ground level for ease of access.


B) Hayward House, Corporation Street, Rochester, ME1 1NJ

Hayward House has 6 flats over two floors. The house has a lift and all of the flats are suitable for single people or for couples. It is located next to the Corporation Street carpark and Rochester Railway Station.



C) Reeves House, Watts Avenue, Rochester, ME1 1RX

Reeves House has 7 large flats. The flats are located over 4 floors but as there is no lift in the house those living on the top floor need to be fit and not suffer from mobility problems. The top floor enjoys lovely views over Rochester and the River Medway. Reeves House is also set in a conservation area.


D) St Catherine’s, Star Hill, Rochester, ME1 2AA

St Catherine’s also known by its historic name of St Catherine’s Hospital is a Grade Two listed building and has 11 flats.

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