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We encourage applications from single people and from couples for almshouse accommodation. All of our properties are suitable for single people or for couples, with the exception of Reeves House which is for couples only.


To qualify for accommodation provided by the Richard Watts Charities you must be able to demonstrate that you are:

1. Living in ME1 or ME2 postcode areas at the time of application

2. In need of our help, predominantly financial help

3. In reasonable health

4. Able to look after yourself

5. Over State Pension age and no longer working

Alternatively you wish to return to Rochester to be closer to friends and/or family - all other criteria 2-5 apply.

All suitable applicants will be visited and interviewed by two Watts Trustees before a final decision can be made.

Almshouse residents are supported by a team of 4 wardens, some of whom live on site. The support provided does not include medical or personal care but is a much appreciated service. Out of hours emergency cover is provided by an external provider, Kyndi, via the pull cord alarm system in each flat or bungalow.


Terms of occupancy of Richard Watts Charities’ almshouse accommodation

Residents occupy the almshouses as beneficiaries of the Charities. This means that they are not tenants with the security of tenure that a tenancy offers and that in exceptional circumstances the trustees could ask them to find alternative accommodation and leave. In practice, this occurs very rarely and only when Watts Trustees believe that they have no alternative.

Examples of such circumstances are if:

  • A resident was no longer able to look after themselves safely or to live independently, even with the help of the social services or family support

  • The resident consistently failed to pay the monthly maintenance contributions on a regular basis without good reason.

  • The resident’s or their visitor’s behaviour was deemed to be unreasonable and anti-social, either in respect of other residents or members of staff.

  • The resident’s circumstances changed significantly to the extent that they were no longer qualified to live in the almshouses as a beneficiary.


The monthly maintenance charge is £370.50 for single occupancy and £455.78 for double occupancy. The charge is payable in advance on the 25th of each month towards the upkeep of the dwelling, and this figure may be increased upon one month’s notice. The maintenance charge should be paid by Standing Order to the charity.

It is a condition of occupancy that a new resident signs a copy of the Resident Regulations, signifying their willingness to abide by the Charities’ rules of occupancy, before taking up occupation.


Application form

"I have both my independence and my security here, I feel safe and well looked-after and this is my home and I love it here."


"I can’t think of anywhere better."


"I’m more than happy and I feel safe here."


"Everyone is kind and considerate."


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According to a recent survey amongst our almshouse residents, they say:

Watts Almshouses provide peace of mind for residents’ families too.

"My brother recently moved into Watts Almshouses. We have found the accommodation & facilities to be outstanding. All the staff have been extremely efficient, caring, & friendly. A wonderful gem in the heart of Rochester. We would have no hesitation in applying for accommodation if the need should arise."

Carol & Dave

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