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News - November 2017

Earlier in the year Trustees agreed to fund an ongoing counselling project  - “Time to Mind” - focusing on young people in education.  North Kent Mind is leading the project and has recently made their second report on the activity to date.  We are told that much work has been done in all four of the schools that we have chosen to focus on. The feedback from students has been extremely positive.  The schools involved are Fort Pitt Grammar, Strood Academy, Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School and Thomas Aveling.

We learnt that the issues addressed included confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, anger management, depression and panic attacks. Some of the sessions have been spent talking and sharing, others more creatively. Students have been given tools and techniques to use as coping strategies as and when required. Peer support between the students has been extremely helpful. The conclusion is that overall it has been a very productive, positive and rewarding term.

Here are some quotes from the students involved:

“I thought in the first place I wouldn’t enjoy the course but now I do since I took a risk and have spoken up more which has opened my eyes to what the course is about”.

“I have better understanding of my emotions and I will use my knowledge for when I am in situations”.

“I think that I have helped others and others have helped me. I think having other people going through similar things helps me more than people who haven’t”.

 “I suffer a lot from anxiety and this group has given me more confidence to do stuff”.

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