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News - March 2019

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Trustees busy with Grant-making

This month,Trustees made a number of grants - £500 to St Peter's Infant School to help fund a trip to the historic dockyard in Chatham, £1,400 to Carers First to support Carers' Week, £2,000 to support the work of the Open House Project and £2,170 to support course attendance amongst senior clinical staff within the Wisdom Hospice.

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Trustees retire

This month sees two long-standing Trustees retire.

Mr Donald Troup has been on the Board for almost 50 years and is only now with diminishing health and stamina has he decided to retire. He has served on both the Finance & investments and Estates Committees, being Chair of the Estates Committee for 38 years. He even has  one of the almshouse blocks named after him. Mr Brian Cox has been a Trustee for almost 14 years and served on both Finance & investments and Estates Committees. Grateful thanks go to both of them.

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