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News - June 2018

Watts Summer Fete

What a lovely day Saturday 16th June turned out to be. The sun was shining, the stalls were packed with an extensive array of things to buy, the kitchen displayed a wonderful choice of cakes and drinks to enjoy.

Thanks to all the hard working staff at Watts the fete went without a hitch. What a memorable day was had by all, and many thanks to all who took part.    Sandra, Resident.

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Museum moving into the future

An interactive book had been acquired and is on display at The Six Poor Travellers’ House.  It was produced by an Undergraduate student, Laura Davies from Rochester UCA and is designed to marry the history of the Six Poor Travellers’ House with the Charles Dickens 7 Poor Travellers’ story.  It is designed and bound in a gothic style while at the same time incorporating QR codes in order to reveal more information about the house and its history.

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