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News - January 2020

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The Friends of the Wisdom Hospice

The Trustees have agreed to provide funds to The Friends of the Wisdom Hospice for the purchase of a Rea Azalea Tilt In Space Wheelchairs at a cost of £2,035.

As a charity, The Friends always look to add benefit to hospice patient’s days by providing equipment that falls outside of the NHS budget. A patient who has limited or deteriorating mobility may find themselves excluded from many of the activities within the hospice, especially the therapies on offer in their Wellbeing and Therapy Centre. They can miss out on simple daily pleasures of being able to sit at a table and enjoy a meal with family or to be taken outside to enjoy some fresh air, let alone benefit from being able to get out of bed and see the world from a vertical perspective whilst being safe and mobile.

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Trustee Retires

Terry Burton, Trustee since 2007, retired at the end of January. Terry served on both the Finance & Investment and Remuneration & Staffing Committees, the latter he chaired for many years. We wish him well and hope he and his wife Margaret are able to make good use of this new found leisure time.

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