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News - August 2020


The Six Poor Travellers' House Reopens

Having been refreshed during lock-down, The Six Poor Travellers’ House reopened on 3 August, initially for Monday to Friday 11:00-13:00 and 14:00 -16:00.  However plans are to revert to the normal days for September (Wednesday to Sunday) until 11 October when we close for the year.  Only six people are permitted in the museum at a time where social distancing is adhered to.  Hand-sanitiser is provided on entry and must be used.  Visitors are encouraged not to touch surfaces and mouth & nose coverings must be worn or entry will be refused. Staff will also wear mouth & nose coverings. It is not planned to open for the Dickens Festival in December (indeed, if it goes ahead at all) because the crowds within Rochester make social distancing impossible outside where people would have to queue.

Wouldham School Bus

The Trustees awarded £1,000 towards the replacement costs of a school bus for Wouldham All Saints Primary School.  The orignal bus was stolen in May 2020, the second one to be stolen from the school in a year.

Wouldham All  Saints Primary school.JPG
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