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Medway Night Shelter

The Trustees have awarded £10,000 to the Medway Night Shelter.

Unlike previous years, the Medway Night Shelter is not permitted to run roaming shelters or dormitory style shelters due to the risk of coronavirus.   Consequently, they have had to find a static venue with individual rooms to house their homeless guests. 

Richard Watts Charities thrive today due to the generosity and vision of Richard Watts (1513-1579). The Charities provide assistance in times of need and enable people to live as independently as possible.


Our current aims are to:

  • Provide almshouse accommodation

  • Provide grants to people, schools and organisations

  • Provide home help services


We are only allowed to provide assistance to people living, or schools and organisations based within, the ME1 and ME2 postcode areas.


Following the death of Richard Watts in 1579, Richard Watts Charity was established and has been working with the people of Rochester for over 400 years. Five other local charities are now incorporated under the full title of Richard Watts and the City of Rochester Almshouse Charities.


For those interested in the work the Charities do now, the Almshouse, Grants and Services and News Page will provide you with the information you need.


For those of you intrigued by historic aspects of the Charities, the History Pages will provide background into how the Charity, as it was then, came to be and a feel for the times in which it was formed.


I hope you will find the website useful and informative.


Mrs Linda Reay


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